Signposts for Inner Awakening

This book is an invitation to go on a  discovery  journey. You are invited to discover your Inner Strenght and live your life in a more positive way. It’s about finding and embracing your inner peace and joy. Several signposts are present for you. They help you  to make clear choices in daily life.

Go for the signposts you like most! Make a choice from twenty-one different signposts. Each of them helpes you to find your own inner peace and joy. Both are a part of your Inner Strenght. Let them accompany you on a daily basis in your life journey.

A clearly and accessible written book!

This book is written  in a clearly and accessible way. You wil find positive and clear answers and a wealth of information. It’s all about anchoring Inner Strenght inside yourself.

Would you like to transmute your uncertainty and feelings of faint into vitality and joy?

Would you like to integrate your Inner Strenght into your body and mind?

Would you like to have practical handles which help you to integrate your Inner Strenght into your daily life?

Would you like to discover new perspectives and possibilities  which help you to experience inner peace and joy?

This is possible!

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